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Viet Italia _ Services tailored to the customer

Pre-sales and Consulting Service
At Viet, we prefer to examine each customer and its production needs in detail. Experience, competence and reliability are the foundation on which we build a lasting relationship with our customers.

Assistance and After-Sale Service
Thanks to experience gained with over 15,000 installations, we consistently offer the right solution to the specific problem of the moment. Our technical staff stands ready to provide telephone advice, a suggestion or a useful tip. Our offices are open during business hours, but our staff likes to break the rules and can often be reached at the most unlikely times.

Instruction and Training Service
Technicians and experts on our products provide support and training to the buyers and operators of our machines. Viet holds instructional seminars and customised training sessions on sanding techniques and the operation of its machines. If you prefer to visit our factory, get in touch with us and we'll be happy to fulfil your requests.

To plan is good, to anticipate is even better.
Our assistance service is at your disposal to plan service calls for performing preventive maintenance. Our service will enable you not only to keep your machine operating at peak efficiency, but also to constantly maintain the quality of your manufactured items at the standards you have set.

Parts service
Although our machines are sturdy and reliable, some of their parts must be replaced from time to time.
Our after-sales service also includes a rapid parts service - even for machines that are no longer being manufactured.


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