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Customised, highly modular technological solutions, efficient, reproducible performances are the outcome of 60 years of Italian experience serving the international market.
Drum unit equipped with the HP system, which can compensate for possible differences in thickness so "stocks" of veneered and/or painted workpieces can be processed without the need for changing the thickness setting.

This unit can perform a wider range of processing procedures than a "standard" drum: since its pliability can be adjusted to make the unit more or less stiff, it can perform both calibration and pre-sanding/sanding operations.
_ 1,4 mm _
All electronic pads are controlled by IPC 8 and IPC 15 control units and are equipped with the exclusive, patented Save Corner feature.
This system lets you limit sanding time on the edges of the panel, which effectively preserves these most delicate surfaces on the panel.
HP High Performance Technology _ Patented by Viet
HP technology increases the capabilities of the electronic pads to enhance the flatness and finishing of the final result.
With the HP system, minimum pressure values can be used. This maintains copying capacity, heightens sensitivity to variations in the surface and significantly reduces clogging of the sanding belt, which increases its service life.

Available in a Duo version equipped with modulation of two operating pressures for each single sector, at every single moment.
It's a solution that enables two different operating pressures to be exerted on the same panel.
Viet pays close attention to energy efficiency, so its range of machines includes the ESS Energy Saving System, which senses when the machine is idle and places it in the stand-by mode to reduce energy consumption significantly.
XT_MaxTorque. Drives with constant torque even at minimum speeds as low as 0.2 m/sec.MaxTorque motor units are ideal for processes which remove a minimal amount of material, such as sanding/finishing coated panels with a minimal amount of dry residue.
Since MaxTorque motors comply with low energy standards, they also deliver impressive energy savings.
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